MCS QCS software

MCS Engineering has developed the software for our Quality Control Systems in-house. The software package offers extensive possibilities for measuring and also controlling various quality parameters, such as basis weight, moisture, caliper, coating, etc. and is extremely reliable, flexible and user-friendly.

Highly customizable

The MCS QCS software is PC based and interfaces are highly customizable and adatable to varying mill requirements. Comprohensive production reports are generated for storage. Profiles and measurement and control parameters are available through industrial standard interfaces.

The QCS software package consists of the software for controlling the measuring frame and processing and presenting the measured values. In addition, the package is easy to expand with machine and profile controls.

The software has been developed with the machine operator in mind. In addition to reliability and quality, a lot of attention is paid to user-friendliness. You really don't need a bookcase full of books to work with our system. Pages for operators can also be translated into the local language and technical pages and functions can be protected with a password.

  • Integrated frame and sensor diagnostics
  • Up to 250kHz data collection possible
  • Advanced user-friendly software
  • User configurable
  • Settings are password protected
  • Extensive reporting and data logging
  • Reliable software for 24/7 use
  • Adaptive to varying mill requirements
  • Industrial standard interfaces