QCS Get a grip on the quality of your product

MCS Engineering offers PC based quality measurement and control systems, including different models of scanners and sensors. With an MCS QMS system you have the latest proven technology. Our systems are very reliable and cost effective, suitable for different flat sheet industries.

You have complete control

With our smart QCS solutions, papermakers have full control over product quality. Our solutions are versatile: from a stand-alone system with an industrial link to compatible process control systems to complete cascade solutions with multiple frames.

Our smart QCS software offers an insane amount of settings to adjust everything to your liking. Even operator pages in your own language are no problem for us.

  • Brand new frames for every budget
  • Upgrade your current frame
  • Wide range of sensors available
  • Single sided options available
  • Advanced user-friendly software
  • User configurable
  • Maintenance-friendly hardware
  • Accurate measurements
  • High data collecting frequency