Porosity measurement

The porosity / permeability of products can be of great importance for you industry or product. Measuring this property in-line is very complex and requires a system with high-quality and sensitive components.

MCS Engineering provides two different measurement solutions for this property: a continuous flow porosity measurement and a bellow porosity measurement.

All our measuring heads for the porosity systems are designed by our specialists and are usually tailored to a specific product type or industry.

Flow Porosity System

The MCS Porosity Measurement System is a continuous in-line system. Parts, the sensor, the measuring head and the software are developed at our development department in Zelhem.

The system measures the amount of air that can pass through a medium in a vacuum space between the media and the sensor head. The system is custom adapted for your process and is also able to measure dusty or dirty processes, from security paper tot porous media such as fiberglass sheets.

  • Wide measuring range
  • Measuring area: circular 150 mm
  • Automatic standardization
  • Self-cleaning
  • User-friendly

Bellow Porosity System

Measuring according to the bellow principle is a time based porosity measurement. The time it takes for the bellow to expand by gravity is determined by the porosity of the product.

The MCS Bellow Porosity System is designed without vulnerable parts, like flow meters. Lines are cleaned periodically. Thanks to the ingenious mounting system, the bellow guidance does not get stuck. The system is built with high quality standard parts to make maintenance as easy as possible and the durability very high.

The MCS Bellow Porosity System is very useful for dirty, dusty and moist processes.

  • Wide measuring range
  • Very durable and sturdy design
  • Stand-alone porosity system
  • Standard industrial interfaces