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- Exceptional performance
- Compact
- Cost effective
- High degree of scalability
- High speed solutions

MCS Weight CD Control
MCS Weight CD Control ensures a stable weight profile with minimal variations, thanks to the use of advanced control algorithms and reliable hardware.

Moisture CD Control
MCS Moisture CD Control calculates control actions based on the measurement data from the MCS Quality Measurement System (QMS). These control actions improve the moisture profile of your process.

Actuators and valves
The advanced MCS CD (Cross direction) package and the extensive software capabilities ensures that the system can work with many excisting valves and actuators. In addition, MCS Engineering is exclusive supplier of a variety of valves and actuators and we can supply these products from a large number of leading manufacturers.

Other profile improvement solutions
In addition to the widely used CD control for weight and moisture, MCS Engineering also provides solutions for the profile improvement of the thickness and coating of your process. Our engineers will be happy to find the best solution together with you.

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