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Optional sensors

- Basis Weight
- Moisture
- Microwave
- Ash Contents
- Caliper

The modern Quality Control Systems are designed to be flexible and open software architecture without compromising on system reliability, availability and ease of maintenance. MCS BTG-3000 system fulfills all these needs using the latest in electronic technology and proven heavy duty mechanical components.

The system is designed to concentrate on the most important task of accurate and stable measurements of the paper parameters. The sensors are mounted on a high precision scanner platform which carries the sensors and scans across the paper web continuously. The scanner has all the function control and signal conversion/processing electronics included in a side panel. All measurement data from scanner is sent digitally via RS485 link to a PC based system which processes all measurements, generate profiles, implements calibration tools, service & maintenance and machine/process control.

The Operator interface is implemented on another PC based system which is connected to the processing system through Ethernet link. The Operator interface is based on LabviewTM which is highly user customizable and adaptable to varying mill requirements. Comprehensive production reports are generated for storage and hard copy. The whole set of profiles and measurement & control parameters from the processing system are available through an OPC server for mill wide access.

The basic BTG3000 system provides Machine Direction control of Basis weight, Moisture and Ash content in paper. For multilayer machines, the control is provided by calculated dry weight for each individual layer. In addition with cooperation partners, we can provide Cross direction control of Basis weight, moisture and Caliper.

MCS Engineering - Classic Quality Control System Overlay MCS Engineering - Classic Quality Control System Overlay MCS Engineering - Classic Quality Control System Overlay MCS Engineering - Classic Quality Control System Overlay

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