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- Exceptional performance
- Compact
- Cost effective
- Outstanding image quality
- High degree of scalability
- High speed solutions

In-line defect detection and classification system
MCS Engineering provides a real-time defect detection and classification system for continous processes. It is suitable for inspection of any material that is flat and opaque, for example paper, cardboard, nonwovens, metals, wood an plastics.

Due to the use of high-quality industrial line scan camera’s, this product is widely applicable. The highly sensitive line scan cameras are especially well suited for applications that need both high speeds and high image quality. The width of the inspection is scalable by using multiple cameras.

The software of this system is characterized by the high degree of configurability. This makes the entire system extremely adaptable for your process. Despite this, the user interface is designed to allow machine operators to get started quickly and easily without requiring very long and expensive courses.

The software enables you to classify defects, such as holes and spots, and trigger class-dependent actions. These triggers can be used to mark the product in the manner that is most appropriate for your process. MCS Engineering can help you determine the most appropriate method of marking. The system can collaborate with many available products from leading manufacturers.

In-line print inspection system
No matter what your field is, there is a MCS Engineering vision solution that fits your needs perfectly. For inspection of prints on, for example, cardboard, MCS Engineering provides various solutions.

Vision-based inspection system designed to inspect print quality at line speeds for various areas:

Barcode grade (barcode verification to ANSI/CEN/ISO Standards)
The system decodes and grades a wide variety of barcodes according to the internationally accepted rules of the applicable symbology specifications and ANSI/CEN/ISO Bar Code Print Quality standards.

Barcode read (barcode validation)
The system determines if the code is ‘readable’. No attempt is made to grade the codes according to any standard. This system can be used to check barcodes and control other systems in the process, based on the barcode.

Optical character recognition and verification
The systems reads and checks characters on products. This solution can be used to check printed text or control other system in the process, based on the printed text.

Golden template comparison
This system can be used to detect a multitude of print faults from skewing and smears to missing information. All of this inspecting is completed at press speed. The module may be used with either a monchrome or color camera.

Custom vision solutions
Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our engineers en programmers, we can assist you in developing custom vision systems. Do you have a challenge for us? We will be happy to assist you in designing and seeking a solution.

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